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From building/turning around over 15 companies (most being failures) and creating programs that advance women+ in male-dominated spaces to being a mom of four, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons. I am honored to share my story.


Throughout my career I’ve made gut-decisions, taken calculated risks, and made money moves that change the way entire industries operate. Failure, more than success, has revolutionized my viewpoint on the world.


As they say, money talks. It’s given me a story that invigorates business leaders and better equips women+ to succeed. Read through a compilation of pieces about my journey going all in on life by taking risks.

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Invest In Women

It’s time to catalyze your entire workforce. We can revolutionize industry by creating connections and equipping women+ with the invaluable skills taught by poker — and creating programs that bring women+ into male-dominated spaces.


Poker Power’s on-demand and private lessons, corporate workshops, and Poker Power Play app help women+ learn valuable life skills, including risk-taking, decision-making, and strategic thinking, that help ensure their success at every table.

Trading & Technology Experience

Candidly, there aren’t nearly enough women+ on the trading floor — nor in the financial industry either. We’ve built programs that elevate women+ in the financial space — within PEAK6 and the entire trading industry. 


Overcoming racial injustice requires actions, not words. Fintech in Action is a social impact initiative that partners with action-oriented companies and groups to equip Black talent with enahnced financial prowess and fintech careers.

“Becoming less risk averse doesn’t mean taking on bigger risk; it means taking on a larger quantity of risks (with an s) and taking them on sooner.”

What's a risk you've taken recently?